The Limits Of Governmental Foreign Intervention Vs. The Limits of Man

Assuming it’s OK for the U.S. government to join the fight against ISIS but condemning individuals willing to join fighters personally and on their own dime makes no sense. 

The United States government has been proven to be incredibly toxic whenever it’s involved in the business of regime change or wars abroad with nations that do not necessarily pose any threat to America.

Oftentimes, however, I too cringe at the reports coming from the Middle East, especially when the gruesome details of the terror campaigns carried out by ISIS/ISIL make the news. While I understand the feeling of impotency many of us experience when exposed to such reports, it’s important to note that to consider murder a criminal and immoral activity is not enough to justify the involvement of any government that is not directly involved in the conflict.

Private citizens, however, are entirely free to do whatever they feel appropriate.

Some Dutch bikers have recently gotten themselves entangled in the fight against the atrocious organization known as ISIS. Once their presence in the region and the legality of their endeavor was brought into question, a Dutch public prosecutor claimed the famous bikers are not committing any crime:

“Joining a foreign armed force was previously punishable, now it’s no longer forbidden, you just can’t join a fight against the Netherlands.”

As far as I’m concerned, I would never stand between a man and his decision to do exactly what he feels like doing (if his actions do not threaten the life and safety of others), therefore, I do not see how keeping individuals from Netherlands to fight militants who are threatening the lives and the liberties of innocents is better, or even more more honorable, than sending in troops paid by the American taxpayer.

Unfortunately, we still have to remind our government officials that campaigns of aggression against those not exposing us to any threats only further our problems, putting us in an even more vulnerable spot.

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