Leave Renée Zellweger Alone

Whatever the goal, it was her decision to change her looks, not anybody else’s.


The internet has gone wild over the latest reports concerning Renée Zellweger’s rumoured plastic surgeries after her appearance at the Elle Magazine 21 Annual Women in Hollywood event.

Most reports blame Hollywood for the allegedly new Zellweger while claiming tinseltown’s demand for an eternally youthful look is to blame for the transformation of so many beautiful women into replicas of Joan Rivers.

While I’m not here to get into the details of the actress’ personal life and why I believe she may have decided to have work done, I do reserve the right to maintain that she is entirely free to act upon the bits of knowledge she has.

She may or may not have believed she would not find work as easily by aging naturally, leading her straight into a plastic surgeon’s office. She may have had a personal issue with her wrinkles that may or may not have made her feel uneasy about her looks, thus hurting her confidence, which may have kept her from getting the gigs she really wanted. As far as I’m concerned, she may have even decided to do a surgery to generate buzz over her alleged surgeries, therefore tricking all of us into talking about her for a few days.

Whatever the goal, it was her decision to change her looks.

You may go on thinking she looks odd and talk about it, but taking this decision away from her hands to hand it over to some abstract collective dictatorship is a cheap shot.

Would you use the same excuse for yourself if you decided to go through the same process when age begins to show?

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