Crony Film Industry Forces Angelenos to Cover Increasing Parking Bill

Several reports have indicated that the Los Angeles Department of Transportation spends $9.5 million of taxpayer money every year to guarantee temporary parking restrictions signs are posted.

These signs are mostly used to ensure streets are clear for film shoots.

News regarding Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signing AB 1839 into law sent the filming industry into a frenzy, causing a greater demand for film-related temp parking signs. After all, the new law has more than tripled the annual tax credits put aside for TV and film productions in California. The deal added an astounding $330 million in subsidies to the industry that, in return, forces Angelenos to foot an increasing parking bill.

From the

“The L.A. Department of Transportation spends a surprising $9.5 million each year on about 558,000 of those flimsy temporary parking restriction signs that sometimes baffle us. And to handle an expected increase in filming, LADOT says they’ll need to spend an extra $635,000.”

How much poorer must the common Californian get until locals understand that, if an industry requires so much in subsidies to stay solvent, it shouldn’t be maintaining any special relationships with lawmakers?

These subsidies only serve to maintain an industry that has not done much to offer what the market calls for, increasing the demand artificially while keeping Californians poor.

Not cool, bro.


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