Marijuana Regulations Up to the Voters in 3 States

Oregon, Washington DC, Alaska, Florida all have ballot measures.

Oregon, Washington DC, Alaska, Florida all have ballot measures dealing with pot legalization.


As in Colorado, Oregon’s Measure 91 would allow 4 home grown plants as well as advance the established medical marijuana system towards a model open to profit and recreation. Some specifics are different than Colorado’s plan which has some weary of its success. A lack of defined parameters for DUI offenses is one, though the measure does appoint a committee to make recommendations on such matters at the start of 2017.

giphy-2Business Incentives

Low taxes of $35/oz provide incentive for business and vague powers of licensing and regulation delegated to the Liquor Control Commission may balance things out for another chance at legalized marijuana.



Even Alaska’s getting with the program. Weed grows everywhere, man. Theirs is Measure 2, which tasks the legislature with forming a new board or handing over responsibility for licensing and regulation to the Alcoholic Beverage Control. Here you’d be able to grow up to 6 plants at home and businesses would be taxed $50/oz. Alaska’s a little greener to this, lacking the robust regulation of medicinal marijuana that Colorado and Oregon had. Polls are iffy on this question. The “No on 2” campaign found 53% are against it, while the organizers behind the ballot measure found 57% are for it. Something doesn’t smell right. Or it does depending on your perspective.

Will Alaskans get cold feet?



Florida is behind the times, aiming to legalize marijuana just for medical purposes. But is even that goal ahead of most voters there?

Amendment 2 must win more than a simple majority – 60% have to vote for it. The University of Florida has polled 67% in favor, but other polls have indicated less support. Seniors are high propensity voters in mid-term years, and some estimate slightly more than half of them support medical marijuana. Those who swear there’s no possible benefit to regulating marijuana usually don’t change their minds, but many Floridians could rethink the issue after being subjected to that last gubernatorial debate.


Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. (the city, not the Congress, Senate, or President by a long shot) is considering full decriminalization.

That wouldn’t begin legal sales or medical guidelines – only remove all penalties for having marijuana or sharing it. What’s seemingly a small step forward could actually be the straw that break’s the camel’s back. Imagine the debates going into 2016 if the national capital city did away with the war on marijuana.


Image: The Star.

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